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Acrylic resin Set Acrylic resin Set Acrylic resin Set

Acrylic resin Set

Acrylic resin Set is a plaster-like acrylic resin composed of a powder and liquid

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  • No limit to casting size
  • Easy to homogeneously color the product
  • Good detail
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • UV resistant
  • Friendly to your silicone mold
  • Tools can be cleaned with water, one, solvent is not required

Acrylic Resin

The Acrylic Resin is very strong and can be used for casting models, replicas, ornaments, models, prototypes and much more.

A gypsum-like acrylic resin composed of a powder and fluid which, after brief stirring, gives an excellent liquid mass. The Acrylic Resin is strong and can be used for casting models, replicas, ornaments, models, prototypes and much more. The Acrylic Resin can be applied used for statues and products that are placed outside. For this we strongly advice to use a sealer. For coloring the Acrylic Resin special pigments are for sale such as bronze, copper, gold etc . This resin may be cast in any size unlike many other exothermic reacting resins.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)


[Powder: Liquid]


2: 1

Pot Life @ 20 ° C





De-mould time@ 20ºC










Density (dry)


Kg / Liter



Density (wet)


Kg / Liter



Measure the appropriate amount of Acrylic Resin powder and liquid to be dispensed according to the mixing ratio. Sprinkle the powder over the liquid and stir the mixture vigorously with a mixer or whisk without entrapping air. Continue mixing until no lumps are left and mind the pot life. Pour in a thin stream and start with a thin layer in order to prevent any air bubbles. After this the mould can be filled in one go. After approximately one hour, you can take the cured model from the mold.

Special instructions 

The Acrylic Resin can also be used for laminating. For laminating use a brush and add Glass fibres and Glass fibre fabric to strengthen the material.

Use only clean tools and do not exceed the processing time.

If you want to extend the processing time you can add up to 5% Acrylic retarder to the mix. 
Speeding up the process is done by adding a maximum of 2% accelerator to the liquid (before calculating and adding the powder).

We strongly recommend sealing the acrylic resin sculpture to make it last longer. Especially when you want to use the result outside. 

The Acrylic Resin comes in a kit consisting of: 1 kg of powder and 0.5 kg of resin, 10 kg of resin powder and 5 kg of liquid or 50 Kg of powder and 25 Kg of Liquid.

Provided that the components are kept in sealed containers and stored in a cool and frost-free location, the shelf life is at least 1 year.

To our knowledge, the Acrylic Resin os harmless to humans and the environment. For additional information, see the safety datasheet.

Color :


end Color :


Working Time @ 20 ° C :

20 minutes

tensile strength :

Mixing ratio A: B :


compressive strength :

Density :


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