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Acrylic resin Thixo

Acrylic resin Thixo

Acrylic resin Thixo is an additive to thicken the Acrylic resin set. This way you can make gels or paste like material.

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Acrylic Resin Thixo

This thixotropic agent is used to make gelcoats and to fabricate vertical or overhanging portions with Acrylic Resin.

Acrylic resin Thixo is a component that can beadded to your liquid Acrylic resin mixture to make it thicker. This will result in a gel or a paste which can be used for vertical or overhanging surfaces.

Acrylic resin Thixo is added to the Acrylic Resin mixture (so only after the Acrylic resin liquid and powder have been mixed). We recommend using 2% of the whole mixture. This means after mixing e.g. 100 gram of acrylic resin fluid and 200 grams of acrylic resin powder you can add 6 grams of acrylic resin thixo.

Special instructions
Please use above a temperature of 10 ° C and preferably at 20 ° C.

6% addition of the thixo will give you the maximum effect. Please add no more to 6% as this will degrade the product.

The Acrylic resin Thix is available in a 100 grams. This is usually enough for about 5 Kg Acrylic resin mixture

Provided the components are stored in sealed containers in a cool and frost-free place out of direct sunlight, the shelf life is at least 1 year.

As far as the Acrylic resin Thixo is harmless to humans and the environment. For additional information, see the datasheet.


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