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Aquapox is an epoxy resin with high chemical and mechanical resistance which is chemically stable in relation to food and water.

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  • High chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Medium viscosity making coating, laminating and bonding possible
  • Low toxicity for inhalation and skin contact
  • Excellent for the food industry
  • Odorless after treatment
  • Excellent adhesion on all types of materials
  • Crystal free


Epoxy Resin with High chemical and mechanical resistance



Aquapox is an epoxy resin with high chemical and mechanical resistance that (with accurate mixing ratio and nagehard on 40 ° C) is chemically stable related to food and water. This epoxy is designed specifically for building swimming pools (indoors), food products, water tanks, aquariums (also salt water), terraria, floors, etc. .. Aquapox can also be used for bonding or coating of stone, wood (root) or scenery.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)
Mixing ratio (Volume)




Processing time @ 20 ºC*



De-mould time @ 20 ºC *





light yellow




* At 25 °C the process time: 30 minutes and curing time: 3 hours and 20 minutes


Mix the A-and B-component in the right proportion (weight: A:B = 100:67) and mix this well. You may want to include an epoxy dye and mix again until an you have an even color. The epoxy is now ready for processing. Apply the epoxy with a brush or roller and foresee the total surface with a thin layer. The second layer can best be made as the first layer has not yet been fully cured. If the first layer is cured, you can use sandpaper to create a good adhesion. Reinforcement of certain parts can be made by using fiberglass cloth. The final properties be achieved after the epoxy fully cured and is exposed to a temperature of 40°C. (post curing).


The best results are achieved if you accurately handle the mixing ratio.
Process the product in a room where the temperature is between 18ºC and 30ºC.
The pre-treatment of the surface goes like this:
Wood: sheds, clean blow/suck
Glass: degreasing, sanding, clean blow/suck
Foam: brushing, blow/suck


This epoxy resin is best stored in a dry place between 18°C and 28°C. The packaging must be fully closed to preserve the shelf life. If properly closed the epoxy resin has a 2 year shelf life.


The products are harmful to your health when  in liquid form. Contact with skin of one or both components must be prevented. Vapors of this product may cause respiratory irritation when used too long or frequently. When handling this product, wear protective gloves and protective glasses. Always work in a well ventilated area. For further information consult the safety data sheet.

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