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Copy hands and feet easily


A Copy of a hand or foot of yourself or a loved one is a valuable gift or a wonderful memory.

Duplicating such a part often requires a bit of practice especially when one works with small children. With children, wait till they are fast asleep or when they are old enough to understand that they need to keep their hand still for a few minutes.

Usually, one works with a single-use mold made from alginate 3D-gel. Alginate 3D-gel is made from dried seaweed and therefore harmless. Our alginate 3D-gel is fluid and therefore especially suitable to dip a hand in or to pour over a body part. If you want to brush the alginate on, you just use less water.(3 parts water to 1 part alginate 3D-gel in weight)

You can also use a very fast, skinfriendly silicon, but note that you must use vaseline to prevent hairs from being pulled out. Even when using vaseline there is a chance that eyebrows and eyelashes etc might still stick, so always be careful and do a little test first.

Both the alginate 3D-gel and the silicone mold of a part of the body require a support cap. If you've poured the silicone or alginate in a container in which you copied the body part then the container will work as a support hull. Otherwise you should use e.g. plaster bandages to make a support hull before you remove the alginate or silicone form the body part.

The resulting mold can be used to pour all kind of materials in. In the alginate mold you can pour plaster and silicone, as well as chocolate. Pay attention: water-sensitive products such as polyurethane should not be  poured in an algiante mold! If you like to make polyurethane castings you should use a silicone mold or first make an alginate mold. Cast plaster in and make a siliconen mold from that. The silicone mold can then be used to pour the PU in.

Getoonde artikelen: 1 - 14 van 14

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