Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

  • Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)
  • Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

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    Product description

    Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

    The Silicone condenation DC 3481 with catalyst 3081 R is idealy suited to make molds for aggressive resins like Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane.

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    Silicone Condensation DC 3481 R

    ++BLUE++These Silicones are ideal for making molds for aggressive resins like PU, Epoxy and Polyester.++ENDBLUE++

    The silicone Condensation DC 3481 with the catalyst 3081 R is a professional 2-component (poly-condensation curing) castable molding silicone which cures at room temperature. The silicone has a good fluidity and gives great detail while still remaining strong. Silicone DC 3481 R is excellently suited for the casting of eg cement, plaster, wax, soap, and many other casting materials but also for aggressive resins like poly urethane, epoxy and polyester.

    Technical data

    Mixing ratio (weight)





    Pot life@ 23oC





    Viscosity mixture @ 23oC


    [mPa s]





    [Shore A]



    Tensile strength





    Tear strength





    Extensability till break





    Linear shrinkage





    Demold time max @23oC @50% RH





    Full strength after





    Note: Pot life and de-mould time are highly dependent on the mixing ratio and Humidity! By adding more than 5% silicone B (hardener) or at high humidity, the pot life and de-mould time are shorter.


    The silicone DC 3481 with catalyst 3081 R can easily be mixed by hand or by machine. Mix the A and B component carefully and in the indicated ratio (preferably 5%, you can add between 4 and 6% B comp)

    Example: To 1 kg of A-Comp add preferably 50 grams of B-component. You can vary between 40 grams (4%) up to 60 grams (6%). Less or more will inhibit cure or alter the final properties of the rubber.

    At 4%, the silicone will take longer to harden giving air bubbles more time to escape. With 6% B component the silicone will cure considerably faster. Process the mixture in the pot life and never take more than you can handle within pot-life.

    Only de-mould after a complete cure. If you wish to make a mold by using a brush or spatula you need to add a 3rd component (0.6% -2% Thixo C). Typically 1% will do the trick. Thixo C thickens the mixture and makes it possible to set up the silicone agains vertical surfaces. Please be aware that the mold in this case must be provided with a support cap. This support cap may consist of gypsum bandages or epoxy support cover or acrylic resin with glass fibre fabric.

    The products are packaged in packs of 5 Kg or 25 Kg or 200 Kg kg of A-component and 250 grams or 1.25 Kg or 10 Kg of B-component. All components can also be ordered separately. For larger packages we ask you to contact us through the site.

    Provided that the silicone is kept in a sealed package and stored cool and frost-free, the shelf life is at least 1 year.

    If you frequently work with the silicone is recommended to wear during processing gloves and properly ventilate the area. For safety instructions, see always the safety data sheet.


    Product Information


    • Good liquid (self-deairing)
    • Easy to mix
    • After curing strongly
    • Low shrinkage (<0.3%)
    • Colour White
    • Non-Bleeding


    Specifications for: Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

    • Shore (A) 19
    • Color A Comp. white
    • Color B Comp. Clear, colorless
    • end Color White
    • cured density 1,21 g/cm3
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    • viscosity mixture 20.000 mPa s
    • Mixing ratio A: B 100:5
    • Working Time @ 20 ° C 90-120 minutes
    • Curing time @ 20 C 24 hours
    • tensile strength 4,6 N/mm2
    • extensibility 622%
    • tear Strength > 26 N/mm
    • linear shrinkage<0,4%

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      Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

      Condensation silicone DC 3481 R (Medium Hard, Dry)

      € 108,50

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