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Epoxy support cover Epoxy support cover Epoxy support cover

Epoxy support cover

Epoxy support cover is a two component epoxy system, filled with carbon fiber. This product is used to support flexible moulds.

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  • Low density
  • Easy to mix / knead
  • Adheres well to many types of materials, as well as on its own, does not adhere to silicone.
  • After curing to work well (sawing, grinding, milling, drilling, etc ..)
  • Possible to process with weapons (anti-torsion).
  • A thickness of 3 mm is strong enough, even for larger models.

Epoxy support cap

After curing very strong and light.


Epoxy support cap is a two component epoxy system, filled with carbon fiber. The A-component of this epoxy consists of a fiber-rich kneading mass and the B-component is a blue colored, liquid. After curing, it will become very strong and light. The Epoxy is perfect to use (thickness +/- 3 mm), for the making of support caps but is also used for the creation of a model or shape.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)


[Putty (A): Liquid (B)]


5: 1 (20%)

processing Time





De-mould time@ 20ºC









Light blue / gray



[G / cm³]



Take the desired amount of Putty and add the correct ratio of liquid (20% in weight). Knead the two components together well until a uniform color and a homogeneous mass without lumps is obtained. Roll this mass from, for example, with a rolling pin until it reaches the desired thickness. Apply the putty to your model / mold or knead your design. Please keep in mind the processing time and do not work with more material than you can handle in one go.

Caution: Epoxy is adhesive to fresh silicone. Use a release agent, or plastic film!

Direct contact with epoxy should always be avoided. See safety data sheet!

The epoxy comes in a kit consisting of 1 kg of putty (A-comp.) And 200 grams of liquid (B-comp.) With a thickness of 3 mm, this is sufficient for an area of 40 cm x 40 cm. (length x WIDTH)

The kneading epoxy is best saved in closed container in a dry place between 6-28 ° C. Shelf life is at least 1 year if properly sealed.

Both the A and B component may cause skin sensitization. Only use this product with appropriate protective gloves, goggles and with adequate ventilation. Also read the MSDS for specific information.

Skin contact: Immediately wash with soap and water. Consult a physician if marks or irritations remain

If swallowed drink plenty of water, do not induce vomiting. Consult doctor!

Eye contact: Flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a doctor!

Color A Comp. :

Grey / White

Color B Comp. :


end Color :


cured density :

0.75 g/cm3

viscosity mixture :


Mixing ratio A: B :


Working Time @ 20 ° C :

15 minutes

Curing time @ 20 C :

6 hours

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Tutorial two-part mold with support cap deer

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