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Filler Fillite 300

Filler Fillite 300

Filler Fillite 300 are light weight micro baloons suitable for many kinds of resins and molding materials.

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  • Extend the processing time
  • Exothermic molded products can be cast in thicker layers

Filler Fillite 300

With this product, you obtain a lighter casting with less resin. ++ENDBLUE ++


These ceramic microspheres are used to reduce the density of resins and other molding materials. These microbeads can be used in PU, silicone, epoxy, polyester, plaster, concrete, cement, and similar materials.

Technical info

Property Value
pH-value 7.0-9.9
Melting point(oC) 1100-1200
Hardness(Mohs) 5-6
Spec. Therm. conductivity (Wm-1K-1) <0.09
Bulk weight (g/L) 360-460
Density(g/cm3) 0.7
Particle size(μm) 100-130

Chemical composition

Chemical component % in weight
SiO2 58-65
Al2O3 28-33
Fe2O3 <4
TiO2 Traces


Note: It is recommended that the filler is well, but not to intensly mixed to prevent the filler from being destroyed

The desired and possible quantity that can be added of these micro-grains varies from one material to the next and per each desired result.

With polyurethane, you can use the following mixture ratio Polyol: Iso: Fillite = 1: 1: 1 by weight.
At this mixture ratio, the weight of the product is 75% of what a cast without filler would have weighed.

special instructions
Do not mix too long or to intense, for fear of breaking the micro spheres.

In bags of 20 kg.

If stored in a dry place, shelf life is indefinite.


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Product Information


  • Extend the processing time
  • Exothermic molded products can be cast in thicker layers

Color :


Bulk Weight (g / L) :

360 - 460

Density (g / cm³) :


Particle Size (microns) :

10 - 300

PH value :


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