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Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

  • Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

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    Polyester Laminating Resin is used in combination with glass mats for the construction of parts of boats, cars, ponds, model building and repairs.

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    Product description

    Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

    This Polyester Laminating Resin is unsaturated and pre-accelerated. This polyester resin is used in combination with CSM glass mat (chopped strand mat / glass fiber mat). The Wet-Out is very good. The resin does not sink out of the fiber. Air bubbles are easy to remove.

    • Only the polyester, hardener not included please buy seperately. E.g:Butanox
    • To be used in combination with various glass mats
    • For a good and safe wetting of the fibers
    • Resin does not drop out of the fibers
    • Air bubbles are easy to remove
    • Red color indication to indicate that you have added harder

    The resin turns from light red to amber when you add the hardener. This way you cannot be mistaken and accidentally laminate with a non-mixed resin.

    It is best to use this resin in the top layers with a veil or fiberglass mat.

    For the deeper layers, you can use the woven fiberglass mats.

    We indicate for each glass mat what you approximately need in resin. This is a guideline, but of course it can vary greatly from project to project.

    This Polyester is a perfect all round laminating resin and also well suited for ponds. For swimming pools, however, we recommend a polyester resin that is more resistant to chlorine, such as the Polyester Laminating Resin Premium.


    Polyester cures by addin a peroxide as a hardener. At lower ambient temperatures, more must be used  than at higher ambient temperatures.

    • 12-18°C: 2.5% (2.5 ml.)
    • 18-23°C: 2% (2 ml.)
    • 23-30°C: 1.5% (1.5 ml.)
    • >30°C: 1% (1 ml.)

    The above depends very much on the amount of polyester to be produced at a time. Larger amounts generate a lot of heat by themselves and can therefore be mixed with less harder.

    If the temperature is too low, curing takes a long time and sometimes it may not even completely finish. If the temperature is too high (also by using too much harder), there is a high probability of shrinkage and stresses in the cured resin.

    Curing of polyester resins works well at room temperature. It is true that the post-baking of the resin at higher temperatures, as indicated by the manufacturer, often gives a stronger end result. However, in many cases this is not possible or very difficult to do.

    For very small amounts we advise to use a pipet for the catalyst.

    Technical specifications

    Values ​​of liquid product at 23oC

    • Viscosity @ 23°C: 450-550 mPa s
    • Solid content: 58-62%
    • Gel time of 100 grams with 1.5% hardener: 20-25 minutes
    • De-mold time @ 20oC: more than 2 hours depending on thickness and temperature
    • Mixing ratio A to B (hardener): 100 grams: 1-2 grams
    • Color indicator: changes color from red to amber when the B component is added.

    Properties of a resin cured for 16 hours at 80 ° C and 2 hours at 90 ° C without glass fiber reinforcement

    • Color (UV resistant): Amber clear
    • Density after curing: 1.10 gram / ml
    • Tensile force: 60 N / mm²
    • Tensile modulus: 4050 N / mm²
    • Elongation: 1.8%
    • Bending force: 70 Mpa
    • Flexural modulus: 2350

    Shelf life

    The liquid polyester has a shelf life of at least 3 months when packed in airtight packaging at a temperature of 15 to 25oC and out of direct sunlight.


    Normal chemical safety requirements apply when using polyester resin and peroxide hardeners.

    Do not drink, eat and smoke during processing. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not ingest. Work in a well-ventilated area. If this is not possible, use a mask with an organic vapor filter.

    Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with sparks and open flame.

    Always work with the correct safety materials:

    liquid-tight gloves, splash goggles and mouth mask with filter. Work with liquid-tight coverall when working with big amounts of material and always in a ventilated environment.

    EN - Product Information Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round.pdf

    EN - Safety data sheet Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round.pdf


    Specifications for: Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

    • Color A Comp. Blueish
    • Color B Comp. colorless
    • end Color Colorless clear
    • cured density 1.2 g/cm³
    • viscosity mixture 300 mPa s
    • View all specifications
    • Mixing ratio A/ B 1-2%
    • Working Time 29-39 minutes
    • Curing time >2 hours
    • tensile strength 50 N/mm²
    • Refractive index (@ 20°C) 1,55 - 1,56
    • Linear shrinkage<8%
    • Demould time (@ 20 °C) > 2 Hours

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      Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

      Polyester Laminating Resin All-Round

      € 4,50

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