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Polyurethane Casting System A75 Flexible Set 1,4 kg.

Polyurethane Casting System A75 Flexible Set 1,4 kg.

Polyurethane Casting System A75 Flexible Set gives a nice flexible rubber like cast with high tear strength. This PU is well suited for small to medium sized flexible castings.

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  • Beige colored two-piece system
  • Designed for fast, flexible precision castings
  • Can be molded into a layer thickness of 30 mm
  • De-mouldable after 6 hours ontmalbaar
  • Good Tear resistance

Polyurethane Casting System A75 Flexible Set

This PU is perfect for flexible castings, and for fixing molds, foundry models, replicas and prototypes.  

A polyurethane casting system consisting of an A component, B component that hardens at room temperature. This casting system is characterized in particular by its quality and ease of use.This PU gives a flexible result that is perfect for small to medium sized castings. PU is usually more resistant to abrasion than silicone, but is more UV and temperature sensitive

Technical data




Mixing ratio (weight)


[Polyol: Isocyanate]


100: 40

processing Time





De-mould time @ 20ºC







[G / cm³]



linear shrinkage





Tensile strength












[Shore A]



Pour the components together and mix well. Pour the mixed product with a constant flow into the mold, making sure no air is entrapped. Excessive heat in castings of more than 30 mm thickness can be prevented by pouring multiple successive layers (let the layer harden till it is over its exothermal peak before the next layer is poured). Hold the de-moulding until the specified time has elapsed. The thermal and mechanical properties will develop rapidly, but it is possible to improve the thermal behavior by "post curing" the cast for a few hours at a temperature of 60 0C.

The dehumidifiers in these products tend to settle out. We therefore recommend aggitating the components before decanting. The less filler you add, the higher the exothermic peak will be. Adding a heat conducting filler will make casting thicker layers possible. Use a mixing vessel with large surface area in order to make a maximum pot life. Adding to much filler might make the product more rigid and brittle.

The polyurethane casting system is supplied in a kit consisting of: 0 1Kg A + 0,4 kg B

The polyurethane casting system should be stored in a dry place between 6-28 ° C, the expiration date, which is based on storage within the specified conditions, is indicated on the packaging. Opened packages should be processed as quickly as possible to ensure product quality. Normal shelf life is about 6 months.

The products are generally quite safe in use as long as one takes the usual precautions which is common in processing of chemical products. For example, the two components must not come into contact with food or eating utensils. Contact with the skin of one or both components must be avoided. If after cleaning skin stays sensitive contact a docter. Rinse eyes well for 15 minutes in case material gets in the eyes and contact docter. Do not ingest. For further information see Safety Data Sheet.

Color A Comp. :


Color B Comp. :


end Color :


cured density :

1.2 g/cm3

viscosity mixture :

3000 cPS

Mixing ratio A: B :


Shore :

(A) 75

Working Time @ 20 ° C :

15 minutes

Curing time @ 20 C :

6 hours

linear shrinkage :


Advised coating thickness :

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