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Porcelain gypsum plaster Porcelain gypsum plaster

Porcelain gypsum plaster

Porcelain gypsum is cast into molds, for reliefs, models, ornaments and reproductions of large shapes up to small highly detailed shapes.

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  • Easy to handle
  • fast curing
  • Drying and firing redundant
  • Precise reproduction of details
  • Surface treatment with all common paints
  • Exceptionally hard and strong

Porcelain Plaster

This plaster is perfect for making casts in Alginate (3D Gel)

A water-miscible super fine ceramic powder, which, after brief stirring, gives an excellent liquid ceramic mass, with high density. This material is used in casting molds, for reliefs, models, ornaments and reproductions of large shapes up to and including very small detailed shapes. Thix plaster is of course alot denser and stronger than plaster used at home.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)


[Powder: Water]


4: 1






Pot Life @ 20 ° C





De-mould time @ 20ºC





Full strength after





Measure the appropriate amount of powder and water, according to the mixing ratio. Sprinkle the porcelain plaster into the water and wait at least 20 seconds so the plaster is fully wetted. Stir vigorously without introducing too many air bubbles. Larger quantities can be mechanically mixed. Pour a thin stream and apply a thin layer to prevent air bubbles, further filling can be done at once.

After approximately 30 minutes, one can take the cured model from a dry mold (a wet mold like algiante may take longer!). The curing model heats up quickly. It is therefore recommended to place the model on e.g. wooden slats until it is completely cooled. After the omplete cure, of approximately 8 hours, you can finish the cast (painting machineing etc).

Special instructions
Only use clean water and materials. Take note of the work time. You can color the plaster by adding a maximum of 2%, of the water-plaster mixtures weight, of acrylic resin dye from our webshop.

Example of acrylic resin dye together with porcelain plaster:

Porcelain Plaster comes in a (resealable) packages of 1 kilogram or a 25 Kg bag.

Provided the porcelain gypsum is kept in closed containers and stored in a cool, dry and frost-free location, the shelf life is at least 1 year.

As far as is known, the gypsum is harmless to humans and the environment. For additional information, please see the safety datasheet.

Color :


end Color :


Working Time @ 20 ° C :

6 minutes

tensile strength :


Mixing ratio A: B :


compressive strength :

> 300 N/ mm

Density :

Wet 1.96 g/cm3

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Tutorial how to copy a hand with ALginat and Gypsum

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