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Silicone Addition Wacker M4601 Silicone Addition Wacker M4601 Silicone Addition Wacker M4601 Silicone Addition Wacker M4601

Silicone Addition Wacker M4601

Silicone Addition Wacker M4601 has a good resistance to casting resins (in particular, polyurethane) and low shrinkage. These silicones are very suitable for making strong, flexible and non greasy molds.

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  • Colour: Red-brown
  • Easy to mix
  • Good resistance to casting resins
  • Low shrinkage (<0.1%)

Silicone Addition Wacker M4601

These silicones are ideal for prototyping

Elastosil M 4601 is a two component addition curing silicone which vulcanises at room temperature. The end result is a reddish synthetic rubber with a Shore A of around 28. The good resistance to casting resins (in particular polyurethane), and low shrinkage, make this silicone very suitable for prototyping. This material is easy to process manually.

These silicones can withstand higher temperatures for a short time. 

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)


[A: B]



Pot Life @ 20 ° C





Ontmaltijd @ 20ºC





Full strength after @ 23 o C







[Shore A]



tensile strength


[Kg / cm 2]



tear Strength


[Kg / cm]



Elongation at tear





Mixture viscosity @ 23 ° C


[MPa s]



Please note that the data values are based on room temperature (20-25 oC.). Colder environments / material can slow the curing or even stop it completely. A minimum temperature (ambient and material) of 18 ° C is recommended. Pot life and curing time are greatly reduced at higher temperatures (40 oC and up).

Mix the material (the A and B components together) thoroughly for at least 45 seconds and make sure that you include the sides of the mixing cup. Always mix using a figure of 8 motion so as to prevent air in the mixture.

Optionally, you can pour the mixed material into a second container to be sure no unmixed parts are present.

If you wish to de-air the product you can put it in a vacuum chambre. The siliconen volume may rise up to 5 times the original volume in a vacuum chamber, so be sure to use a large enough cup or de-air in more than 1 go.
Please note: In case of excessive degassing the product can be adversely affected.

If you cannot de-air the product give the silicone mixture a few minutes to de- air on its own preferably at 18 oC so pot life is extended.

Pour the material into the mold with a thin jet.

Please note: This is an addition curing silicone. This type of silicones may experience cure inhibition when coming into contact with sulfur, nitrogen, amino groups and metl salts. If you are not certain that the products you use (including gloves, spatulas and cups) contain these ingredients, please do a little test first! These components are often found in many latex gloves, some plasticines, glues, lacquers, condensation curing silicones, silicone caulk, natural rubbers and 3D printing materials (mainly stereo lithography).

The products are packaged as a kit with A:B = 9:1. For larger packages we ask you to contact us through the site.

Provided that the silicone is stored in closed containers at a temperature of 10-25 ° C, the shelf life is at least 1 year. Please take care to stirr both components in their container before take material out to mix.

Although no negative effects are know we advice the use of safety gloves if you process silicones frequently or in large amounts. For safety instructions, see always the safety data sheet.

Shore (A) :


Color A Comp. :


Color B Comp. :


end Color :


cured density :

1.13 g/cm3

viscosity mixture :

20.000 mPa s

Mixing ratio A: B :


Working Time @ 20 ° C :

90 Minuten

Curing time @ 20 C :

12 uur

tensile strength :

6.5 N/mm2

extensibility :


tear Strength :

> 30 N/mm

linear shrinkage :


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