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Silicone Addition Thixo A

Silicone Addition Thixo A

Silicone Addition Thixo A is a thickener for all addition-/ platinum silicones.

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Silicone AdditionThixo A (ddition curing)

Thixo allows you to thicken the otherwise fluid silicone


Silicone Thixo A (addition-curing) is a viscous component that can be added to the pourable addition curing / platinum curing silicone, to make it thicker or even paste like. This way you can cover vertical and inclined planes without the silicone running down.


First you mix the A- and B-component of the silicone. Once this is done you can add Thixo A. Do this in steps of 0.5%, stirring continuously, until you get the thickness you need. Give each step a little time before adding more. Normally a 1% addition suffices.

Example: for 1 kg of silicone usually 10 grams Thixo A is required.

Special instructions

The flowability of the Thixo A is better when the temperature is higher. In winter you might place it next to the heating to make it more fluid.

Please add no more than 4% Thixo A as this may negatively affect the silicone.

Thixo increases Shore values by about 1 point and the pot life and demold time is reduced a little.

Note: This product is not a curing agent of the silicone. So you really need to mix both the A and B component before adding Thixo A.

This Thixo A works only on addition silicone, not on condensation-curing silicone like silicone condensation 20 ... etc.


The Thixo A is available in a 50 or 500 gram bottle. This is usually sufficient for approximately 5 kg or 25 Kg of silicone blend


Provided that the components are stored in sealed containers in a cool, frost-free place away from direct sunlight, the shelf life is at least 1 year.


Use protective gloves.

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