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Silicone Primer

Silicone Primer

The Silicone Primer increases the adhesion between a surface and the addition silicone that is poured onto it.

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  • This primer works on:
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • and other substrates

silicone Primer

PLEASE NOTE. The primer has an ignition temperature of 3°C (from 3oC flammable gases will start to evaporate). PLease use caution!

Most addition curing silicone does not attach to a surface chemically. In order to promote the adhesion a primer should therefore be used.

This primer is suitable for all addition curing silicone (Silicone Addition ...) variants from our webshop. This primer increases the adhesion between the surface and the silicone poured opon it. This primer works on metal, wood and other surfaces.

For proper bonding clean the surface to make it dust and grease free. Use a nonpolar solvent for such as white spirit or turpentine followed by a polar solvent such as acetone.

You can also dissolve the primer in white spirit or alcohol in order to improve the wetting of the surface by the primer.Ratio Primer: solution = from 1: 1 to 1:10

Primers work best in a very thin layer of 1 micrometer. Apply the primer very thin, and bubble free.

The primer builds up a layer using moisture form the system, the surface and surrounding air. Increasing temperature and humidity accelerates this process. At room temperature and 40% humidity you should leave the primer for 1 hour. If it's drier or colder it takes longer.

Do not wait more than 5 hours as the primed layer will start to degrade.

The primer usually instantly provides better adhesion but final results may take up to 4 days and can be enhanced by heating to 100-150 ° C

Special instructions

PAY ATTENTION. The primer has an ignition temperature of 3 °C. So please be very careful handeling it!

Use liquid-tight gloves and work in a well ventilated area.

This primer is sold in 50-gram bottles.

At least 1 year. If stored between 10 and 25 ° C and out of direct sunlight.

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