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Universal Epoxy Resin Universal Epoxy Resin Universal Epoxy Resin

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Universal Epoxy Resin

This universal resin is used in the construction and manufacturing industry of boats and yachts. This Resin is widely applicable, because this can be used as a laminating resin, an adhesive, a cast resin and a coating.

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  • Very fluid
  • Many possible applications  (Casting, laminating, Bonding, Sealing)

Universell Epoxy Resin


This universal resin is used in construction and manufacturing of boats.



This 2 component room temperature curing epoxy resin is widely applicable, because this can be used as a laminating resin, adhesive, cast resin and coating. This resin may be strengthened with fibres or woven products made out of wood, glass, Aramid, Basalt etcetera.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)





Processing time @20oC





De-mould time@ 20 ºC *





Color (Uv-stabil)




<2 (Colorles)



[Shore D]





[mPa s]



Glass temperature(Tg)





Please always use proper protection and read safety instructions. Mix A and B component in the weight ratio A:B = 100:50 very carefully. Please make sure the bottom and sides are mixed in well too. To be extra sure you can pour the mix into a second mixing cup and continue mixing. When casting the product into the mould try not to scrape the bottom and sides as the product there might be mixed less then the rest.

The epoxy is ready for use. Please use a brush or paint roller to apply the epoxy when laminating. If you want to use the resin as a glue or as a filler, we advise to thicken the product using a filler (silica, wood fibres etc)

Processing time
The processing time is measured for 100 grams of product at 20oC. The processing and curing time depend on the amount of product processed and the (ambient) temperature / start temperature of the product. More product will generate more heat and a higher temperature will increase the curing speed. This will shorten processing time and curing time. Lower temperatures and smaller amounts will increase working time and demould time.


It is best to store this product between 18 oC en 28 oC in a closed container.

Please use once opened materials a quickly as possible. When stored as indicated, the shelf life is at least 6 months.

Epoxy (even UV stabilised) will yellow slightly. This will not influence any of the other properties. Epoxy products will be usable for many years.

The products are harmful to your health when  in liquid form. Contact with skin of one or both components must be prevented. Vapors of this product may cause respiratory irritation when used too long or frequently. When handling this product, wear protective gloves and protective glasses. Always work in a well ventilated area. For further information consult the safety data sheet.

Color A Comp. :

Colorless clear

Color B Comp. :


end Color :

Colorless clear

cured density :

1.11 g/cm3

viscosity mixture :

800 mPa.s

Mixing ratio A: B :


Working Time @ 20 ° C :

30 minutes

Curing time @ 20 C :

12-18 hours

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