A. Working safely with chemicals

B. Working safely with chemicals movie

C. Training veilig omgaan met PU / PURWorking safely with polyurethane and other products containing diisocyanates

D. USP Class VI & ISO 10993 & food contact EN


  1. Shore Hardness explained
  2. Shore hardness explained visually
  3. Clear epoxy comparison table
  4. Cure inhibitie van siliconenCure inhibition or Poisoning of silicone.pdf

        Example of poisoning addition curing silicone.

How-to videos

  1. Instruction video: Shaping hands
  2. How-to Video Copying a Lure
  3. Instruction video Filled PU
  4. Instruction video single-sided jig of pliers
  5. Instruction video two-part mold with support cap deer
  6. Instruction video One-piece casting mold Candle
  7. Instruction video One-piece casting mold of an apple
  8. Instruction video copying a wooden ornament
  9. How do you make a thin-walled mold of 2-component silicone?
  10. How do you make a one-sided mold of 2-component silicone?
  11. How do you make a two-sided mold of 2-component silicone?
  12. How do you make a two-sided mold of 2-component silicone? AND...PU rotocasting or solid casting
  13. What is the difference between Addition and Condensation silicones?
  14. Make your own Candles this Christmas!
  15. Save silicone with a thin-walled mold + support cap
  16. See how Hypar Collective injects silicone. Waterproofing LED lighting using Silicone Gel
  17. How do you make a copy of a 3D print?
  18. Easily print a 3D mold for flexible end products
  19. How do I create a concrete look?
  20. How do you cast a sculpture with legs?
  21. Make your own rotation machine for rotational molding/rotocasting
  22. Making a thin-walled model (from a solid model)


You can find many more YouTube videos from Siliconesandmore here!


  1. Simply copy ornaments on the wall.
  2. Make a copy of an existing candle.
  3. Applying an epoxy support cap
  4. Plastic Culinary
  5. One-piece mold with Silicone Culinary, bee comb
  6. Casting with Polyurethane Clear 1200
  7. One-part mold of Silicone Culinair, Asparagus
  8. A two-part casting mold of an owl
  9. Manual Acrylic Resin
  10. 3D Gel copy of body and limbs
  11. Two-piece brushmold with Epoxy Support Cap
  12. A thin-walled mold
  13. Translucent and Transparent Silicone
  14. Transparent Silicone
  15. Casting with PU Kit
  16. A two-part mold
  17. A one-part casting mold Penning
  18. Using a Silicone Culinair cake mold
  19. From idea to Serial
  20. A one-piece ironing/ spatula template, decorative strip
  21. Copy of a fog light cover in epoxy
  22. Lamination with Acrylic Resin
  23. Make a wreath of hands
  24. Making an epoxy memory table
  25. EN -Manual how to make a Belly cast.pdf
  26. A silicone “Glow in the dark” hand
  27. Silicone Hand in color
  28. Casting with Epoxy art Resin
  29. Copying a wooden ornament
  30. Make an apple candle
  31. A realistic hand
  32. Make your own pond with polyester
  33. EN - Chemlease manual
  34. Manual Acrylic One and accessories.pdf
  35. basic-information-candle-making-2021.pdf
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