A. Working safely with chemicals

B. Working safely with chemicals movie


  1. Shore Hardness explained
  2. Shore hardness explained visually
  3. Clear epoxy comparison table

How-to videos

  1. Instruction video: Shaping hands
  2. How-to Video Copying a Lure
  3. Instruction video Filled PU
  4. Instruction video single-sided jig of pliers
  5. Instruction video two-part mold with support cap deer
  6. Instruction video One-piece casting mold Candle
  7. Instruction video One-piece casting mold of an apple
  8. Instruction video copying a wooden ornament
  9. How do you make a thin-walled mold of 2-component silicone?
  10. How do you make a one-sided mold of 2-component silicone?
  11. How do you make a two-sided mold of 2-component silicone?
  12. How do you make a two-sided mold of 2-component silicone? AND...PU rotocasting or solid casting
  13. What is the difference between Addition and Condensation silicones?
  14. Make your own Candles this Christmas!
  15. Save silicone with a thin-walled mold + support cap
  16. See how Hypar Collective injects silicone. Waterproofing LED lighting using Silicone Gel
  17. How do you make a copy of a 3D print?
  18. Easily print a 3D mold for flexible end products
  19. How do I create a concrete look?
  20. How do you cast a sculpture with legs?


  1. Simply copy ornaments on the wall.
  2. Make a copy of an existing candle.
  3. Applying an epoxy support cap
  4. Plastic Culinary
  5. One-piece mold with Silicone Culinary, bee comb
  6. Casting with Polyurethane Clear 1200
  7. One-part mold of Silicone Culinair, Asparagus
  8. A two-part casting mold of an owl
  9. Manual Acrylic Resin
  10. 3D Gel copy of body and limbs
  11. Two-piece brushmold with Epoxy Support Cap
  12. A thin-walled mold
  13. Translucent and Transparent Silicone
  14. Transparent Silicone
  15. Casting with PU Kit
  16. A two-part mold
  17. A one-part casting mold Penning
  18. Using a Silicone Culinair cake mold
  19. From idea to Serial
  20. A one-piece ironing/ spatula template, decorative strip
  21. Copy of a fog light cover in epoxy
  22. Lamination with Acrylic Resin
  23. Make a wreath of hands
  24. Making an epoxy memory table
  25. EN -Manual how to make a Belly cast.pdf
  26. A silicone “Glow in the dark” hand
  27. Silicone Hand in color
  28. Casting with Epoxy art Resin
  29. Copying a wooden ornament
  30. Make an apple candle
  31. A realistic hand
  32. Make your own pond with polyester
  33. EN - Chemlease manual
  34. Manual Acrylic One and accessories.pdf
  35. basic-information-candle-making-2021.pdf
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