Waxes offers a wide range of waxes for investment casting like pattern waxes, sprue or runnerwaxes, auxiliary waxes and reclaim waxes.


    • S.A.M. Casting wax Art Green

    Casting wax Art Green

    € 12,06 € 9,97 Excl. tax

    ✔ Slush casting, Casting wax, Injection wax
    ✔ Green, Pastilles, Unfilled
    ✔ Low shrinkage
    ✔ Pour point 59°C
    ✔ Melting point 58.9°C
    ✔Ash content after combustion <0.006%
    ✔Viscosity @93°C 26 cps
    ✔Needle penetration @25°C 15.6


        • Remet  Stick wax

        Stick wax

        € 12,50 € 10,33 Excl. tax

        ✔ Sticky wax to glue wax parts
        ✔ Natural, cream
        ✔ Softening temperature 71 ° C
        ✔ Penetration 25 ° C 18dmm
        ✔ Ash content after combustion <0.03%


            Out of stock

            • Remet  Casting Wax 81 Blue

            Casting Wax 81 Blue

            € 9,95 € 8,22 Excl. tax

            Casting Wax 81 Blue is an unfilled pattern and runner wax with a low melt viscosity and a relatively low melting point. It has a low congealing point making it suitable for paste injection purposes as well as the traditional liquid injection.


                • Remet  Casting Wax B76T slightly filled

                Casting Wax B76T slightly filled

                € 250,- € 206,61 Excl. tax

                A light-filled wax specially intended for small to medium-sized models in the precision foundry.


                    • Remet  Casting Wax B59 slightly filled

                    Casting Wax B59 slightly filled

                    € 295,- € 243,80 Excl. tax

                    This filled casting wax is ideal for the production of small to medium sized patterns. Melt viscosity is low, giving excellent flow properties and efficient dewaxing.


                        • Remet  Casting Wax B89 filled

                        Casting Wax B89 filled

                        € 246,- € 203,31 Excl. tax

                        ✔ Precision wax, Small / Medium large models
                        ✔ Green, Pastilles, filled
                        ✔ Low shrinkage, Aerospace
                        ✔ Melting point 71°C
                        ✔ Congealing point 66°C
                        ✔ Ash content <0.05%


                            Out of stock

                            • Remet  Wax Casting Wax 28  Natural

                            Wax Casting Wax 28 Natural

                            € 346,- € 285,95 Excl. tax

                            ✔ Brush Wax, Slush Casting
                            ✔ Natural, Flexible, Pastilles
                            ✔ Shrinkage
                            ✔ Pour point 64 ° C
                            ✔ Melting point 68 ° C
                            ✔ Ash content after combustion <0.03%


                                • Remet  Casting Wax B95

                                Casting Wax B95

                                € 212,- € 175,21 Excl. tax

                                Casting Wax B95 has been designed specifically for use in the jewellery industry as a pattern and sprue wax. The material is characterised by it’s flexibility and low viscosity and makes sharply defined patterns with excellent surface finish.


                                    Out of stock


                                  Our high-quality waxes are produced by the number 1 wax producer in the world: Remet.

                                  Remet has been making waxes for the foundry and art foundry for decades.

                                  Our joint knowledge makes it possible to quickly find a suitable wax for your application and, where necessary, even formulate it for you.

                                  We are also happy to offer our laboratory to test your current product.

                                  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for specific laundry or specific quantities.

                                  +31 (0) 46 4106260

                                  [email protected]

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