Materials for art casting

Products for art casting and precission casting in bronze aluminium stannum and more!


    • Remet  Casting Wax 28  Natural

    Casting Wax 28 Natural

    € 168,- € 138,84 Excl. tax

    Casting Wax 28 Natürlich is low viscosity flexible wax for precision casting. This wax can be used as a brush wax and as a slush casting wax in silicone moulds.


    • Remet  Casting Wax 81 Blue

    Casting Wax 81 Blue

    € 220,- € 181,82 Excl. tax

    Casting Wax 81 Blue is an unfilled pattern and runner wax with a low melt viscosity and a relatively low melting point. It has a low congealing point making it suitable for paste injection purposes as well as the traditional liquid injection.


    • Remet  Casting Wax B59 slightly filled

    Casting Wax B59 slightly filled

    € 169,- € 139,67 Excl. tax

    This filled casting wax is ideal for the production of small to medium sized patterns. Melt viscosity is low, giving excellent flow properties and efficient dewaxing.


    • Remet  Casting Wax B76T slightly filled

    Casting Wax B76T slightly filled

    € 250,- € 206,61 Excl. tax

    A light-filled wax specially intended for small to medium-sized models in the precision foundry.


    • Remet  Casting Wax B95

    Casting Wax B95

    € 212,- € 175,21 Excl. tax

    Casting Wax B95 has been designed specifically for use in the jewellery industry as a pattern and sprue wax. The material is characterised by it’s flexibility and low viscosity and makes sharply defined patterns with excellent surface finish.


    • GRS Goodwin Crystalcast


    € 46,28 € 38,25 Excl. tax

    GRS Crystalcast is a plaster-bonded investment powder specifically designed for casting glass.


    • HTV silicone Disk Blue

    HTV silicone Disk Blue

    € 424,- € 350,41 Excl. tax

    HTV silicone Disks Blue are well suited for centrifugal casting of pewter.


    • GRS Goodwin HYDRACAST ™ Cre'Art

    HYDRACAST ™ Cre'Art

    € 69,95 € 57,81 Excl. tax

    HYDRACAST ™ Cre'Art is a plaster for the artisan industry. It is well suited for the lost wax procedure for copper alloys but works very well for pâte de verre too!


    • GRS Goodwin HYDRACAST ™ M463R


    € 64,95 € 53,68 Excl. tax

    industrial investment powders formulated especially for the castings of large, thin wall castings in aluminium and other low temperature non-ferrous alloys under vacuum


    • GRS Goodwin HYDRACAST™ Tradition

    HYDRACAST™ Tradition

    € 66,95 € 55,33 Excl. tax

    HYDRACAST™ Tradition is a ready to use, plaster-based refractory investment for artistic casting using traditional methods, such as manual or mechanical spraying of the investment onto a wax model


    • Remet  Microcrystalline wax LMP slab

    Microcrystalline wax LMP slab

    € 5,95 € 4,92 Excl. tax

    Microcrystalline wax LMP is developed as an alternative to the well-known Shellwax LMP and basic wax and is used as a casting wax.


    • Polytek PT Flex 85

    PT Flex 85

    € 29,95 € 24,75 Excl. tax

    Very high quality 2 component polyurethane for beautiful elastic or rubber-like castings with high details and abrasion resistance.


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    • Wacker Silicone  Elastosil M 4601 A/B

    Silicone Elastosil M 4601 A/B

    € 46,25 € 38,22 Excl. tax

    Silicone Elastosil Wacker M4601 has a good resistance to casting resins (in particular, polyurethane) and low shrinkage. Very suitable for making strong, flexible and non greasy molds.


    • Silicone Condensation 20

    Silicone Condensation 20

    € 12,50 € 10,33 Excl. tax

    These Silicones are ideal for making soap Moulds, Candle Moulds, Concrete moulds etc.


    • Dow Corning Silicone Condensation DC 3481 R

    Silicone Condensation DC 3481 R

    € 24,95 € 20,62 Excl. tax

    The Silicone condenation DC 3481 with catalyst 3081 R is idealy suited to make molds for aggressive resins like Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane.


    • Silicone condensation HT 60 Set - Hard

    Silicone condensation HT 60 Set - Hard

    -9% Sale

    €39,95 € 36,50 € 30,17 Excl. tax

    Highly filled and may be used to make molds for the casting of high temperature compounds such as tin and lead.


    • Remet  Wax Allround

    Wax Allround

    € 5,- € 4,13 Excl. tax

    Wax Allround is suited for casting or slush casting of pattern molds and runners


    • Remet  Wax Brush wax

    Wax Brush wax

    € 11,95 € 9,88 Excl. tax

    Brush wax is a perfect wax for setting up a detailed wax layer in a small to very large mold. The wax is brushed with a brush.


    • Remet  Wax casting wax artcast

    Wax casting wax artcast

    € 9,95 € 8,22 Excl. tax

    Wax casting wax artcast is specifically designed as a(slush) casting wax with very little shrinkage and perfect detail acquisition.


    • Remet  Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP

    Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP

    € 6,50 € 5,37 Excl. tax

    Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP is a real base wax and is used as a casting wax, or as an addition to art casting waxes


    • Remet  Wax Modeling wax Hard

    Wax Modeling wax Hard

    € 10,95 € 9,05 Excl. tax

    Wax modeling is tough specially designed for art and sculpture. This wax is more stable than the modeling default hard even at a higher temperature.


    • Remet  Wax Modeling Wax Medium Hard

    Wax Modeling Wax Medium Hard

    € 9,75 € 8,06 Excl. tax

    Modeling wax Medium Hard is a modelling wax that works well at room temperature but does not sack quickly at elevated temperatures.


    • Remet  Wax Paraffin B600

    Wax Paraffin B600

    € 5,95 € 4,92 Excl. tax

    Wax Paraffin B600 is a good base wax and is used as a casting wax, or mixed with other wax types. Paraffin wax is a little weaker and shrinks more than microcrystalline wax. Paraffin wax is often whiter than microcrystalline wax.


Materials for art casting

This categorie sums up materials that are used in bronze and tin castings or other art castings.

Displayed are typical silicones used for alloys with low melting point. These silicones are liquid or come in the familiar solid disk version.

Also we offer plaster for investment castings and wax for modelling and slush casting.


If you are interested in bigger amounts please feel free to contact us.

Possible applications:

Products for art casting,
Wax for bronze castings,
Silicone for tin castings,
Plaster for art casting

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