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Silicone Oil 50 cSt (very fluid) Silicone Oil 50 cSt (very fluid) Silicone Oil 50 cSt (very fluid)

Silicone Oil 50 cSt (very fluid)

With silicone oil 50 cSt, you can easily change the hardness / Shore (stiffness), fluidity and elasticity of silicone.

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  • Easy to add
  • For addition and condensation silicone
  • Colorless and odorless
  • Safe to use
  • Very thin liquid / Low viscosity (50 cSt)

Silicone oil 50 cSt

This silicone oil can be used in all pourable silicone in this web shop.

This highly liquid silicone oil 50 cSt. can be added to pourable silicone so that it will be softer and more flexible. By adding the oil, the silicone will be more fluid too and after curing it will be more elastic. The oil can also be used to manually smooth out thickened silicone that has been brushed onto a surface.

Technical data






Ignition temperature





Freezing point





Density @ 25 ° C



surface tension


mN / m



Refractive Index @ 25 ° C



Take the desired amount of the silicone A component and add the appropriate amount of B-component (shown in the data sheet of your silicone). Stir the mixture well. Add the silicone oil to the silicone mixture. By varying between 1% and 15% (weight) oil, you can decide how much softer / flexible the end result will be.
Adding 8% oil is seen by many people to be an adequate reduction of the hardness (about 3-5 shore points) and is recommended. Adding more than 10% of the oil can have unacceptable impact on the final strength of the cured silicone and is therefore not recommended.

You can also add the silicone oil with the aim of making the silicon more liquid. This will make the silicone fluid better self deaerating. In this case too we do not recommend to add more than 10%.

Special instructions
The addition of silicone oil is a form of adjusting your silicones. You should be aware that the final values, will differ from the values indicated on the data sheets of the silicone. 

Oil does not actively  participate in the silicone network. This means it will be able to migrate out of the silicone over many years. This proces is sped up when the silicone are under pressure or bend. This will result in a greasy layer on the silicone surface and possible shrinkage of the rubber.

The silicone oil 50 Cst comes in a bottle (1kg) or keg (5kg) or a can of 25 Kg. 200 Kg Barrels and 1000 KG IBCs are possible too.

Shelf life
At least 5 years.

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