Wacker silicone oil AK 100

  • Wacker silicone oil AK 100

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✔ minimal change in physical properties over a wide temperature range
✔ excellent water-repellent properties good dielectric properties
✔ low surface tension and thus high surface activity chemically highly reactive
✔ low pour point
✔ good solubili

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Product description

Wacker silicone oil AK 100

This very liquid silicone oil Wacker AK 100, with a viscosity of 100 cSt, can be added to casting silicones so that they will become softer and more flexible. By adding the oil, the silicone will also become more fluid and more elastic. The oil can also be used to smooth applied silicone (in the case of an ironing/spatula mould) by hand.

This very liquid silicone oil can be used for all pourable silicones on this webshop.

Available in different viscosities, WACKER® SILICONE FLUIDS AK are miscible in any proportion. The standard viscosity of the product can thus be adapted to your individual needs

  • Easy to add
  • For addition and condensation silicones
  • Colorless and odorless
  • harmless
  • Very thin liquid / Low viscous (100 cSt)

Technical data

  • Viscosity: 100 cSt
  • Flash point: 260°C
  • Ignition temperature: >410 °C
  • Density at 25°C: 0.97 g/cm³
  • Surface tension: 21.0 mN/m
  • Refractive index at 25°C: 1.403
  • Color: Colorless clear


  • release agent
  • lubricant
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • antifoam agent
  • water repellent
  • liquid dielectric for electrical and electronic equipment
  • heat transfer oil
  • polishing additive
  • plastic additive
  • additive for textile and fiber auxiliaries

For pharmaceutical applications we recommend special silicone fluids from the Wacker SILFAR®
line. Wacker BELSIL® line silicone fluids are available for the cosmetic sector.
When particularly high heat and shear resistance is required, we recommend silicone fluids from our AK stab, AK visc and AKC product lines. Special grades of the product (available as WACKER®PLASTICIZER) are required for use as a silicone plasticizer in
RTV-1 sealants.


Take the desired amount of A component from your silicone and add the correct amount of B component (indicated on the information sheet of your silicone). Stir the mixture well. Now take the silicone oil and add it to the silicone mixture.

By varying between 1 and 15% oil, you can determine how much softer/more flexible the end result will be. The addition of 8% oil is seen by many people as a considerable reduction in hardness (about 3-5 shore points lower) and therefore recommended. Adding more than 10% oil can have an unacceptable effect on the final strength of the cured silicone and is therefore not recommended.

You can also add the silicone oil for the purpose of making the silicone more fluid. This will allow it to vent more easily and to walk better in cracks.
Also in this case we recommend that you do not add more than 10%.

Special instructions

Adding silicone oil is a form of customizing your silicone. You should take into account that the final values, in certain areas, will deviate from the values indicated on the data sheets of the silicone.

Oil will not cross-link in the silicone. This means that it will slowly sweat out over time (years) and with tension on the silicone. This gives a greasy layer on the silicone. In addition, the mold will also shrink due to loss of oil.

Shelf life

At least 5 years.

Product information

EN - Product information Wacker AK 100.pdf

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    Wacker silicone oil AK 100

    Wacker silicone oil AK 100

    € 149,-

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