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Color paste for acrylic resin

Color paste for acrylic resin

Color paste for acrylic resin

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Color paste for acrylic resin

++ BLUE ++ Color your acrylic resin cast through and through with beautiful vivid colors. ++ ENDBLUE ++

Our acrylic color paste can be used in all acrylic resins. The resulting colors are lively and solid and have good resistance to weather and light. Of course, after curing the end result will be slightly less fierce, because the acrylic resin itself has a creamy white base.


Shake or stir the silicone thoroughly before use.

Add the coloring agent in small portions. This can be done in 2 ways:

1) to the liquid (A component) before adding the B component. That way you have more time. The maximum amount of dye that may be added is 6% of the weight of the A component (the liquid). So you can add up to 6 grams of dye to 100 grams A (and then 200 grams B).

2) or you first mix the A and B component and then add the colorant. This way you can see better what the end result will be about. However, you have less time because the resin starts to harden. You can add up to 2% of the total weight of dye to the total mixture. So you can add up to 6 grams of dye to 100 grams A with 200 grams B.

Of course you can also mix the colors to obtain your own color.

Special instructions
Note the mixing ratios. The mixing ratio is A (liquid): B (powder): dye = 100: 200: max 6 in weight. So for example 100 grams A with 200 grams B and a maximum of 6 grams dye.

The color paste is delivered per piece in a bottle.

Shelf life
At least 3 years.

Safety requirements
Non-hazardous in normal use. Consult doctor immediately when taking it.


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Product information

++ USP ++

  • Vivid colors
  • Good weather and light resistant
  • Even in color
  • Easy mixing
  • good color intensity

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