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Polyurethane Crystal Clear 1200 Polyurethane Crystal Clear 1200

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Polyurethane Crystal Clear 1200

Polyurethane Clear 1200 is a crystal-clear two-component Poly Urethane molding system, which is UV Stable.

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  • UV-stabilized
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Contains no mercury
  • Low viscosity
  • Suitable for medium sized castings 

Polyurethane Clear 1200

Polyurethane Clear 1200 is a crystal-clear two-component Poly Urethane molding system, which is UV Stable.


Polyurethane Clear 1200 is a crystal-clear two component Poly Urethane molding system which is UV Stable. This version is suitable for molding medium-sized pieces in one cast. The low viscosity allows for easy degasification. This material is easy to handle by hand. However, we recommend mechanical processing for professional use and large castings. This Polyurethane contains no mercury and is therefore safer to work with than other types of clear polyurethane.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight)



Handling time @ 20ºC



Demould time @ 20ºC *






Fully hardened(100 gr. @ 20ºC)



Hardness after curing

[Shore D]


Viscosity mixture @ 25oC

[mPa s]





*Please note that the values ​​given are based on a 100 gram sample at 20 degrees with a thickness of between 0.5 and 1.5 cm. Please note that PU is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, always work in a dry place. 


Always use protective gloves and goggles when processing this material. Add the A and B componentvolume to each other (1: 1) or by weight 100:90, and mix the components thoroughly. Pour the mixed product with a constant and thin jet into the mold. try not to entrap air. Excessive heat in castings of more than 15mm thickness can be prevented by pouring several successive layers (allow the layer to set but not harden before casting the next layer). De-mould after the specified time has elapsed. The mechanical properties will develop rapidly, but it is possible to improve the thermal behavior by post-curing the casting for one hour in the mold at a temperature of 60 - 70oC.


If the B component has become too cold, it will crystallise. In this case, the B component should slowly be heated to about 60oC and left there for a few hours (not over a flame!). Low (ambient) temperatures will result in longer pot life and de-mould times. If you want to use this PU with a new mold made from condensation silicone, you need to post cure the silicone mold first 1-2 hours at 100-140 ° C(then allow cooling). This prevents reactions between the silicone mold and the PU (stickiness). We highly recommend this crystal clear PU to be used in an addition-curing silicone like the Silicone Plastique or Culinary. Always use this Pu at room temperature and preheat the mold to 40-50 oC. Leave the cast to de-air for a few minutes and place the mould back in the oven at 40-50 oC. This prevents formation of gas by contact with water in the air.


The Polyurethane Clear 1200 is available in a Set of 1,835 kg, 917 grams or 183 grams.

Shelf life

The Polyurethane Clear 1200 is best stored in a dry place between 18°C and 28°C. Opened packages should be processed as soon as possible to ensure product quality. The shelf life of well-closed containers in the manner indicated is typically 6 months. Crystallization of the B component can usually be remedied by warming the B component slowly for several hours to 60°C.


The products are in liquid state harmful to health. Skin contact of one or both components must be prevented. Vapors of this product may irritate the respiratory system during prolonged or frequent use. When handling this product, wear protective gloves. Always work in a well ventilated area. For further information, see safety sheets.

Color A Comp. :

Colorless clear

Color B Comp. :

Colorless clear

end Color :

Colorless clear

cured density :

1.07 g/cm3

viscosity mixture :

100-350 mPa s

Mixing ratio A: B :


Shore :

D 75-80

Working Time @ 20 ° C :

23-28 Minutes

Curing time @ 20 C :

12 hours

linear shrinkage :


Advised coating thickness :

0.5-2 cm

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