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Polyvinyl Alcohol Release agent Polyvinyl Alcohol Release agent Polyvinyl Alcohol Release agent

Polyvinyl Alcohol Release agent

This poly vinyl alochol solution will build a layer that will protect addition curing silicones from inhibition by the surface of the model.

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  • Easy and fast to work with
  • Makes otherwise poisoning surfaces available to addition curing silicones

Polyvinyl Alcohol Release Agent

This release agent builds a very thin layer that will prevent cure inhibition of addition curing silicones

Poly vinyl alcohol can be used to prevent cure inhibition from an otherwise "toxic" surface for addition curing silicones. If this poly vinyl alcohol is brushed on properly the poisoning material will not bleed through.
PVA dissolves readily in water making it is easy to rinse off with water. Even if you want to copy stone(work) without staining it with silicone oil you can put on a layer of PVA. This layer may later be washed off with water. Please always do a little test to see if this works in your specific situation.

Technical data
This is a solution of poly vinyl alcohol. As soon as the solvent has evaporated a thin solid layer will remain. This layer seals the surface an is soluble in water.

Special instructions
Please brush the poly vinyl alcohol on the surface, making sure you cover it completely. Do not put on more than one layer as following layers might dissolve previous layers. The evaporation time depends on temperature and humidity.
Do not use near a flame or heat source. Use protective gloves. Work in a well ventilated area.

This 1 component material comes in bottles of different sizes.

Shelf life
Provided that the pva is kept in unopened packaging and stored cool and frost-free, the shelf life is at least 1 year.

Please use protective gloves and work in a well ventilated area. Please do not use near a flame or a working heat source. In case of eye contact rinse out with plenty of clean water for a few minutes. Call medical assistance if irritation persists or increases.

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