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Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP

Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP

Wax Microcrystalline Pastille LMP is a real base wax and is used as a casting wax, or as an addition to art casting waxes

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Wax Microcrystalline lmp Pastille

This wax is suited for casting and mixing with other waxes in order to change the melting temperature and plasticity.

Microcrystalline wax is a real basic wax and is used as casting wax or to mix together with other waxes. This wax can also be mixed with the Red casting wax from our shop. The wax is flexible, thus increases the flexibility of the casting wax it is added too.

Technical data

Melting point


68 ° C

Ideal processing temperature


70 ° C




Ash content after incineration


< 0,03%

Penetration @ 25 ° C


24 dmm (= 2.4 mm)

Viscosity @ 99 o


15 mPa s

The wax is melted at a temperature of 70 ° C and poured into an open mould. The professional caster will do so under pressure or vacuum to prevent air bubbles. The wax model is used in the lost wax method. This wax can also be added to other casting waxes such as casting wax red from our shop.
This wax has more shrinkage than a normal casting wax. 

Special instructions
Avoid at all times that the wax is heated to above 100 ° C. If this is done, this can have a lasting effect on the properties of the wax.

Wax Microcrystalline Pastille delivered in the form of small pellets the size of a pea and is packaged in bags of 1 kg and 25 kg.

At least 5 years.

To prevent skin contact with the molten (liquid) form of this wax and avoid inhalation of gases / vapors.

Melting point :

68 °C

Congealing point :

64 °C

Color :


Application temperature :

70 °C

Ash content after incineration :


Penetration @ 25 ° C :

24 dmm (=2,4 mm )

Viscosity @ 100C (cSt) :


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