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Wax casting wax artcast

Wax casting wax artcast

Wax casting wax artcast is specifically designed as a(slush) casting wax with very little shrinkage and perfect detail acquisition.

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  • low shrinkage
  • much detail
  • Firm, not sagging
  • non-grainy
  • Pastilles, easy to dose
  • Does not stick

Casting wax Red

You can easily make a mold fill with this was and delivering washing model at a foundry. This was obviously suited to the "lost wax" method.

Our casting wax is specifically designed as a wax with very little shrinkage, excellent detail and shape retention during demoulding. This wax is mend to be (slush) casted. The wax is solid and does not suffer from sink holes in the summer. The wax is hard which will make cutting or sharp editing after de-moulding possible. This wax is easy to burn or melt out of a plaster or ceramic shell.

Technical data

Melting point


63 ° C

Ideal processing temperature


60-70 °C




Ash content after incineration



The wax is melted at a temperature of 70 ° C and poured into an open mold. After a short period of solidification becomes the "still-liquid" was poured out and continues to be a thin shell of wax over. This process can repeat a number of times so that a desired thickness is reached.

special instructions
Avoid at all times that the wax is heated to above 100 ° C. If this is done, this can have a lasting effect on the properties of the wax.

The casting wax comes in the form of small pellets the size of a pea and is packaged in bags of 1 kg.

At least 5 years.

To prevent skin contact with the molten (liquid) form of this wax and avoid inhalation of gases / vapors.

Melting point :

63 °C

Congealing point :

57 °C

Color :


Application temperature :

60-70 °C

Ash content after incineration :


Penetration @ 25 ° C :

23 dmm (=2,3 mm )

Viscosity @ 100C (cSt) :


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