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Wax venting ducts / runners Wax venting ducts / runners

Wax venting ducts / runners

Wax venting ducts are wax strings which are flexible at room temperature. they are used to vent your mould or even as a gate for pouring.

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Wax vent channels

BLUE ++ ++ This wax is suitable for the "lost wax". ++ ++ ENDBLUE
The round runners are made of a specially designed soft but solid wax, which can be bent into shape optimally. You can bend the runners (at room temperature) without worrying about them breaking. The channels are available in different diameters and can be used as runners.

Technical specifications

rod length


60 CM

Ideal processing temperature


Room temperature (15-25 ° C)




With a spatula or a knife you can shorten the channels up to the desired length. Then turn the channel into the desired shape (best at room temperature). Attach the channel at the model by melting the end carefully and then letting it solidify against the model. Often, you can also glue the channel with sticky wax or glue.

special instructions
When processing below 15 ° C, it may happen that the wax breaks during bending. Therefore plesae make sure to work at room temperature (20 oC) The channels / runners are suitable for the lost wax process.

The runners come in the selected diameter with a length of 60cm. Depending on the order amount, the channels are delivered per piece or bundled. It may be that the channels are bent prior to transport to make the delivery more efficient.

At least 3 years.

safety requirements
Avoid skin contact with the molten (liquid) form of the wax and avoid inhaling the vapors / smoke.


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Product Information

++ ++ USP

  • Good bendable
  • Firm, not sagging
  • Rods 60 CM
  • Red in color

Melting point :

75 °C

Congealing point :

64 °C

Color :


Application temperature :

20 °C

Ash content after incineration :

< 0.015%

Penetration @ 25 ° C :

20 dmm (=2,0 mm )

Viscosity @ 100C (cSt) :


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