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Apoxie Sculpt Apoxie Sculpt Apoxie Sculpt

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Apoxie Sculpt

Great epoxy compound for making 3D objects, repairs, cosplay props, etc ...

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  • Many different colors
  • Easy to use
  • Malleable smooth consistency
  • Adheres well to almost any surface
  • 0% shrinkage
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight

Apoxie Sculpt

Apoxie Sculpt is an epoxy compound with the properties of a modeling compound and good adhesion to various substrates.



Apoxie Sculpt is a two-part epoxy kneadable paste, with the properties of a modeling compound and excellent adhesion on different surfaces. Waterproof and with 0% shrinkage. Can be worked seamlessly before curing and after curing by sanding, drilling, tapping, grinding, cutting, turning, etc. Save time and money on finishing by working with the Apoxie Sculpt colors. Easy to clean with soap and water.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (volume)


[Kneading mass A: Kneading mass B]


1: 1

Processing time





Mold time @ 20 ºC









different options



[g / cm³ ]




Wear suitable gloves when using Apoxie Sculpt. Take equal parts of A and B (both have a clay-like consistency) and mix them for 2 minutes to create a homogeneous mass. The Apoxie Sculpt can now be processed for 2-3 hours. Smooth the model with your finger and a little water. This epoxy can be painted wet or dry. The Apoxie Sculpt is fully cured after 24 hours. Clean unwanted Apoxie with soap and water.


  • To prevent Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to your hands/ gloves, first apply a little olive oil.
  • By immersing your tools in cold water, you prevent the Apoxie Sculpt from sticking to your tools and you get a maximum of details.
  • Make new colors by mixing one of the A colors and one of the B colors

Shelf life

This kneadable epoxy is best stored in closed packaging in a dry place between 6 and 28 o C.

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