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Filler Fumed silica

Filler Fumed silica

Filler Fumed silica is a powder suitable for making thick / pasty make of liquid materials such as silicone or polyurethane. With good mixing this powder dissolves colorless / transparent on.

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  • White powder that can solve colorless
  • Both silicone and PU thickening

Filler Fumed silica 

Although the powder is white, it is transparent in a dissolved state.

Fumed silica is a powder suitable for making liquid materials  thick or paste like. When mixed properly without air entrapment this powder will disolve colorless.
This powder can also be used in culinary Silicone because the result is still food safe. This in contrast to the thixo for addition silicone which can also be used as a fattening but which is not food safe.
Addition of fumed silica may also increase the stiffness / hardness of the silicone.

Fumed silica is a white powder that is suitable for thickening pourable silicone and poly urethan so that they are less fluid or even paste like. Please note that the powder needs time to wet properly in order to bind the fluid well. The final result will therefore require proper mixing and time. 

NOTE: You need very little of this material. We recommend that you determine this experimentally. Beginning at 0.5 mass%, and increase in increments of 0.5%

special instructions
Although the powder is white, it is transparent in a dissolved state.
In contrast to Thixo for addition curign silicone or condensation curing silicone the fumed silica may be used in both addition and condensation curing silicone 
Fumed silica also increases the hardness (Shore value) of silicone. With normal thixo this that happens to a lesser degree.
Finally, fumed silica, is food safe and can therefore be used in silicone culinair.

In bags of 150 grams.

If dry stored indefinitely.

Color :


Bulk Weight (g / L) :


Density (g / cm³) :


Particle Size (microns) :


PH value :

3,7 - 4,5

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