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Wax modeling hard 1 kilo Wax modeling hard 1 kilo

Wax modeling hard 1 kilo

Wax modeling is tough specially designed for art and sculpture. This wax is more stable than the modeling default hard even at a higher temperature.

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Wax modeling hard

BLUE ++ ++ This wax is suitable for the "lost wax". ++ ++ ENDBLUE

Our modeling wax hard has been specifically designed for the arts sector and sculptures. The wax can be optimally shaped with tools or by hand. The modeling wax does not stick and is neither grainy nor greasy. Due to its resilience, the wax is not or hardly deformed during removal or storage.

Technical specifications

melting point


70 ° C

Ideal processing temperature


30-40 ° C



Dark Brown / Bronze

Cut the wax in smaller pieces. To make kneading of the wax easier place it in an oven at (maximum) 40 ° C. Optionally, the wax can also be placed under a warm lamp or next to a heat source. Make sure that the temperature during heating is not too high, otherwise the wax may be too soft or even liquid.

Special notes
Avoid in any case overheating (> 100 oC) the wax , as this might permanantly negatively affect its properties.

The modeling wax hard is sold in plates of 1 kg.

At least 5 years.

safety requirements
Avoid skin contact with the molten (liquid) wax. Released gases / smoke particles should not be inhaled.


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++ ++ USP

  • solid Modelling
  • Good malleable body
  • Does not stick
  • not grainy
  • Bronze color
  • company

Melting point :

70 °C

Congealing point :

66 °C

Color :


Application temperature :

30-40 °C

Ash content after incineration :

< 0.03%

Penetration @ 25 ° C :

24 dmm (=2,4 mm )

Viscosity @ 100C (cSt) :


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