Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

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✔ 100% Natural, 100% Safe
✔ Discolored from Purple to Blue
✔ Suitable for bust, belly print, face
✔ Relatively strong after gelling
✔ 9 minutes de-mold time at 21 ° C Water
✔ Mixing ratio (Weight) [gel: water] 1: 4

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Product description

Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

  • Mixing ratio 1 part powder: 4 parts water (in weight)
  • Gel quickly
  • Easy to mix
  • Relatively strong after gelation
  • Takes over every detail
  • Nice (strawberry) odor
  • Chromatic from blue to purple to blue

The Alginate 3D-Gel is easy to use, cured within minutes and takes over the smallest details. The 3D-Gel is completely harmless to humans and the environment. One can simply throw this gel into the trash after use or use it in the compost heap.

Technical data

Mixing ratio (weight) for pouring or dipping

[Water: gel]

4: 1

Mixing ratio (weight) for brushing or spreading

[Water: gel]


Mixing time @ 30°C (3:1 ratio)

Mixing time @ 30°C (4:1 ratio)




Processing time @ 30°C (3:1 ratio)

Processing time @ 30°C (4:1 ratio)




Harden time @ 30°C (3:1 ratio)

Harden time @ 30°C (4:1 ratio)




Total time to mix until demoulding (3:1 ratio)

Total time to mix until demoulding (4:1 ratio)





Accelerate: the processing time (potlife) becomes much shorter if you use lukewarm or warm water.
Delay: when you use colder water or salt-poor water (demineralised water), the curing takes longer.


This alginate 3D gel slow is chromatic. The dry blue powder turns bright purple when you add water. As soon as the product starts to solidify, it becomes lighter purple and when it is blue, the mold is ready.

If you are not familiar with this product, we recommend that you first do a small test with a coffee cup with one finger! Work with good cold water so that you have enough time.

If you are going to pour the alginate 3D gel: first check how many liters of water go into the bucket / mixing cup / container. The mixing ratio is one part alginate (by weight) to 4 parts cold water. For a five-liter bucket, this is, for example, 1 kilogram of alginate at 4 liters / kg. cold water.

If you are going to spat (face, belly or hand wreath): use a mixing ratio of Water: alginate = 3: 1. Note: spread the alginate quickly and keep it high until it has hardened. A thickness of 2-3 mm is already sufficient. Use cotton wool in the just wet applied alginate to make the alginate adhere better to plaster cast.

The mixing ratio is by weight and NOT by volume. E.g. 500 grams of Alginate 3D gel with 2000 grams of water. If you suffer from lumps in the powder, we recommend that you first sieve them out of the pack before adding water. Mix the alginate with the water with a mixer in one go to a smooth porridge. Do NOT mix too long, a few lumps is not a problem.
After mixing, immediately push the desired body part with the correct position into the mixture. Rub air bubbles away by hand and then keep the body part still. Now try to move as little as possible and make sure that you do not touch the edges of the mixing bowl. Then wait until the whole has completely cured in +/- 5 minutes. The mold is now ready and can be cast with plaster, concrete, wax or many other castings. The mold can be used once and has a lifespan of a few hours.

NOTE: there are postures of the hand that cannot be used properly. This is because air is trapped during the casting of plaster in the alginate. Because of this, finger tips will be missing.

Make sure that the air can always go up (obliquely). If a finger is crooked it is not possible. Then the fingertip must touch the palm, so that the air can still go up through the palm. In the good examples of the fist and the shooting range, the fingertips that are bent touch the palm so that the air can escape through the palm.

The bent fingers in the wrong examples do not touch the palm of the hand. The red spots indicate where the air is trapped and can no longer leave. That often means missing fingertips.

Stand van de hand voor bodycasting

Shelf life

Provided that the 3D-Gel is kept in a sealed container in a cool and dry area, the shelf life is 1-2 years. After opening and sufficiently sealing the shelf life will be about 6 months.


To our knowledge, the 3D-Gel completely harmless to humans and the environment.
For more information, see the medical data sheet.

Product Information

Product Information Alginate 3D-Gel



Baby hand 0-1 years

550 ml beaker

96gr. alginate + 
384 gr. water

150 gr. plaster + 
35 gr. water

Children's Hand 2-10 years

1100 ml beaker

168 gr. alginate + 
672 gr. water

300 gr. plaster + 
75 gr. water

Woman Hand / child> 10

1100 ml beaker

204 gr. alginate + 
816 gr. water

600 gr. plaster + 
150 gr. water

male hand

1900 ml beaker

288 gr. alginate + 
1152 gr. water

800 gr. plaster + 
200 gr. water

Video: using a Baby/Children's Hands Set with Alginate 3D-Gel


Specifications for: Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

  • Color Blue
  • end Color Blue
  • Working Time 3 –5 minutes (At 30 °C water temp.)
  • tensile strength 0.6 N/mm2
  • Mixing ratio A/ B Algiante : Water 25:100 (weight)
  • View all specifications
  • compressive strength > 0.8 MPa
  • Density -

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    • Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

    Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

    -5% Sale

    €9,95 € 9,50 € 7,85 Excl. tax

    ✔ 100% Natural, 100% Safe
    ✔ Discolored from Purple to Blue
    ✔ Suitable for bust, belly print, face
    ✔ Relatively strong after gelling
    ✔ 9 minutes de-mold time at 21 ° C Water
    ✔ Mixing ratio (Weight) [gel: water] 1: 4


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    Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

    Alginat 3D-Gel - Slow - 0.5 kg

    9,95 € 9,50

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